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Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not people, because you know that the Lord will reward each one for whatever good they do, whether they are slave or free. Ephesians 6:7-8


Opportunities to get involved in Ministry Service are available at Higher Way Ministries. There are several areas of ministry that we have available to help meet the needs of people during our worship services. We invite you to roll up your sleeves and whatever your hands find to do, do it unto the glory of the Lord!  We would love to have you serve in ministry with us!


If you are interested in serving in any of the ministries listed below as well as other ministries noted on the site, please complete the form below:





Member Services Ministry - The Member Services Ministry is designed to familiarize all new members with the process for becoming an integral part of the body of believers at Higher Way Ministries.


Children’s Church Ministry - The Children’s Church gives our children the opportunity to develop their relationship with God through worship, bible study, fellowship and devotion on their level.  Also, this Ministry is to provide children an atmosphere where they can be developed and trained to live by the Word of God at an early age.


Youth Ministry - The Youth Ministry provides our youth with the opportunity to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and teaches them how to live a life that is pleasing to God.  The Youth Ministry is serious about the growth and well-being of our Youth as they transition into young adults. Hence, promoting growth and development of their personalities, along with positive moral and spiritual enhancement.


Usher’s Ministry - This Ministry serves to ensure the success of the service by putting the congregation in the right frame of mind to receive the message as they enter in for worship.  They direct all visitors and congregation to comfortable seating, and ensure that perfect order is maintained at all times during service.  The Ushers are friendly, kind and represent Higher Way Ministries in a professional manner.  They know and understand the importance of the people that we seek to serve.


Greeter’s Ministry - The Greeter’s Ministry provides a warm welcome to "all" persons entering the sanctuary.  This Ministry is full of smiles and support to all visitors and members of the church.


Security Ministry -  The Security Ministry provides a safe and comfortable environment to all persons at Higher Way Ministries.  Also, this ministry will provide you with escort and parking assistance during church services.  You can be assured that you are worshipping in a safe, comfortable and pleasant environment.


Parking Lot Ministry - The Parking Lot Ministry is responsible for ensuring that visitors and members successfully locate parking in the parking lot, and safely cross the street when arriving to the church campus from street parking. They also monitor local neighborhoods to ensure that cars are parked correctly, and monitor vehicles to prevent theft and/or other loss. Members of the Parking Lot Ministry have the very important task of serving as the first point of contact with Higher Way's  guests, visitors and members.


Nurse’s Ministry - The Nurses Ministry is designed to provide medical assistance to those who need it during the worship service. The nurses of Higher Way Ministries are well trained in assisting you with medical assistance and guidance while you are at the church.  Also, this ministry provides education in the area of health care throughout the year.


Hospitality Ministry - The goal of this ministry is to show outstanding hospitality to the members, visitors and community that we serve.  Also, we strive to serve refreshments and food with a spirit of excellence!   The Hospitality Ministry prepares, formulates and serves everyone as tactfully and precise as possible.  It is our pleasure to serve you!


Media Ministry - The primary goal of this ministry is to ensure that audio and visual productions are precise for duplication. This ministry strives to ensure that the Ministry of the Kingdom of God is presented in a Christian perspective so that those receiving may feel the intensity of the ministry through media.  Additionally, this Ministry assists with carrying the Gospel of Jesus Christ to our visually-driven, ever changing Word through the use of technology and media.  This Ministry records various events, teachings and sermons which are made available on CD or DVD for later viewing.


Music/Choir Ministry - The purpose of this ministry is to minister inspirational songs that are true to God's word, and to prepare the hearts of men and women to receive God's spoken word. The members are united together to bring God excellence in the area of music and song.


Dance Ministry - The Dance Ministry has the power to elevate God’s people into the heavenly realm of pure worship.  This Ministry is not based on performance, but ministers to lift up Jesus and to inspire others to worship Jesus.  This ministry is designed to enhance and enlighten spiritual awareness through dramatization, and to meet the needs of those members who are artistic in talent or desire to develop the necessary skills to worship the Lord in drama.


Worship and Arts Ministry - The Worship and Arts Ministry exists to provide ministry outlets for those gifted in music, drama, and the arts.


Summer Program - The purpose of this ministry is touch those in the community who are in need of Love, Hope, and Encouragement; while at the same time addressing their physical and spiritual needs. This program provides 4 weeks of summer activities that enhance academic, social and emotional development


Transportation Ministry - The purpose of this ministry is to provide transportation to services, activities and programs of Higher Way Ministries.  If you are in need of transportation, please call the church office.




Higher Way is constantly looking for enthusiastic, energetic and skilled individuals to work in our ministry and support the vision. The successful candidate for any open job position must be a born-again Christian and be an existing or prospective member of Higher Way. Candidates must also demonstrate a commitment to tithing and participate in Ministry whole-heartedly.


To express your interest in any of the positions, please e-mail your resume to Arlethia Dearing at . Resumes will be accepted until the position(s) have been filled. 


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